sexta-feira, 11 de fevereiro de 2011

Cities have their own life

How cities can bring out the best of you? Does the place you live influence that much on who you are?

May it be coastline towns or big cities, we develop some strong relationships that go beyond the power of our words. In the past days, weeks, months,...I have seen pictures of places I have lived and they have brought me a great feeling of connection to a sense of belonging to something greater...

When people come together, when the cities touch the nature, when the cultures influence the rules around....a unique place can come alive.

Thankful to the uniqueness of these places and the happiness that sinked into me by passing by them, some pictures to be shared...

Indian traditional saree shines its colors on the roads of Mumbai

Dust, crowd and the duty to find urself a place in the daily city life

When the sunset hits Mumbai, like in a Bollywood movie, romance comes along the marine lines

Boats come and leave the shores of south India

Christ the Redeemer rises above the clouds of Marvelous Rio de Janeiro

Sunlight brings in life, joy and beauty along Ipanema Beach in Rio

Surf and sunset in rio: a day comes to an end and the idea in mind of how short and beautiful ur days can be

Youth from across the globe come to prayers and dances at Sacre-Coeur Church over the hills, watching down the sunset and the lights of Paris bringing in a new daylight into the night.

A "new" type of desert is in place - sand has turned into cement and horizon cannot be reached on a day-by-day life in Sao Paulo

1 yr old child runs along thousand years old temples in Cambodia

How long will last our life? - a thousand years old temple fades away into the forests of Cambodia

Travelling is also spirituality.