domingo, 28 de junho de 2009

Sustainability, CSR, Social Entrepreneurship and HR

Finding your ideal career path is a hard task. It takes a long time and constant reflection. It would be much easier just to sit in front of job market opportunities and grab something already segmented (Being you a doctor, an engineer or a manager). But what about creating your own "definitions"?

During the last years, I've tried different ooportunities in order to discover my real talents and what real contribution I could add to the world. While, bringing NGOs together through a project to foster social entrepreneurship and companies' attention to 3° sector, I discovered corporate social reponsibility.

Coordinating for a 1 year Talent Management strategies applied to AIESEC in my own town and also AIESEC in Brazil, I got in contact with HR professionals from different companies, delivered a career event, HR plans, leadership programs, performance appraisal tools and trainings.

By admiring other people's work, I found out about great professionals deleviring measurables on sustainability to companies, like the Global Reporting Initiative, Natura, ABN Amro or small social business ventures focused on raising sustainability awareness on indicators methodologies. That had something to do with my classes at university around environmental planning.

I take this career path search as a lifetime purpose. Asking myself: what's my role in the world?

It's scary, while having no answers, but at the same time exciting. You know you're not here forever, the choices are up to you, you are the driver and despite of the presence of all your friends and everybody in the world, the journey is solitary. Like being born and dying.


- Sustainability -

Applying sustainability reporting methods to companies business strategies, through GRI, Ethos indicators.

consultancies on sustainability, NGOs promoting sustainability methods and management to sustainable development (such as the Responsible Business Forum in Estonia).

- Corporate Social Reponsibility (CSR) -

Designing and running CSR programs according to companies' vision and mission.

Opportunities: consultancies on CSR, NGOs promoting CSR, fund raising in the 3° sector, companies running CSR programs.

- Talent Management -

Implementing HR processes and strategies to support the achievement of companies' goals.

Opportunities: big companies.

- Social Entrepreneurship -

Managing projects in the 3° sector that support entrepreneurs or drive a particular change in an issue.

Opportunities: NGOs, social enterprises, founding your own social enterprise or NGO.

And in general, some good backgrounds to keep:

Project management, market analysis, how to make a business plan, selling skills, website management, fund raising.